Baseboard paints are easily chipped and it is vital to repair these problems before they become worse and you need to perform a complete baseboard molding installation . Although the task of repairing chipped baseboard paint might seem difficult at the first glance, you can easily overcome the problem by appointing professional to repair paint chips

Fixing chipped baseboard paint doesn’t require a great deal of time and money. It is comparatively easy to repair chipped baseboard paint as long as you appoint experienced professionals in this process. You must repair the chipped baseboard paint quickly. It is unsightly to the eye of a visitor and may lead to further damage to the whole area.

Mentioned below are the steps how to repair chipped baseboard paint:

Step #1: Patch The Chip:

The first step is to fill the chipped part of the baseboard with sufficient wood putty using a putty knife. Extra care should be taken when applying putty into the small and tight corners. Once you are done, let the putty dry overnight. You also need to wipe off the excess putty on the surrounding areas by using a piece of cloth before the putty dries.

Step #2: Sand The Area:

Once the putty is properly dry, you should use a mild grit sandpaper to smooth off the patched baseboard areas. This will help you remove any irregularities and misalignments on the surface. This actually prepares the surface so that paint can easily stick to the chipped areas.

Step #3: Apply Primer:

Apply a good primer on the patched area by using a paintbrush. You should give the primer enough time to dry. There may be some ridges and rough spots on the patched area. Therefore, you need to examine the primer surface to check whether it needs some additional sanding. According to the professional painters in Cumberland County, you should apply primer at least a couple of times before applying the first coat of paint on the chipped baseboard surface.

Step #4: Apply High-Quality Paint:

Once the surface is properly primed and dried, you can start applying paint to the primed surface. Use a good paintbrush to apply paint on the primed surface. Depending on the quality of the baseboard and the depth of color you wish to achieve, you can apply two to three coats of paint. It will be the best if you use water based putty and paint on the chipped baseboard surface since this will efficiently repair the chipped baseboard paint.