The task of wallpaper removal is really time consuming and tiresome process. When it comes to update and redecorate your room, it’s absolutely possible to paint over the wallpaper. However, the process of painting over the wallpaper is more difficult than painting over a normal wall. It requires more skill and professionalism and when everything will be completed, your wall will look as if you never had wallpaper at all.

Following are the process how to paint your wall over the old wallpaper.

Surface Preparation:

You can start by checking how well the wallpaper is fixed to the walls. Use the utility knife to remove the lose wallpapers. It is also important to remove all nails from the surface of the wall. Use masking tape to protect the baseboard. You can put a piece of cloth at the bottom of the wall to catch paint. You need to make sure that the room is well-ventilated. You also need to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes.

Priming the Wall:

Once the surface is properly prepared, you can start priming the wall with a good quality primer. Consider using a shellac or oil-based primer. Try to avoid using water based primer since it can lift off the wallpaper or may cause it to bubble a lot. However, the shellac or oil-based primers bond hard and simultaneously cover stains and the old pattern.

Repairing the Wall:

After the priming job is done, you will notice all deficiencies in the wall. Before you start painting over wallpaper, you should fix all these errors with drywall compound. A drywall compound will also help covering the seams between wallpaper. To do this, use a thin coat over the seams as well as any holes or defects on the wall. Allow it to dry and then sand it down. Apply at least two coats of drywall compound, if you want to achieve proper coverage. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the way it looks and then apply primer over the areas of drywall compound and caulk around trim and the ceiling line. Once it is dry well, apply a masking tape at the ceiling line.

Applying the Paint:

When it comes to paint over wallpaper, you should always choose an eggshell or easily washable flat paint. Eggshell paint offers a much lower sheen than other types of paint. It can also help in hiding any remaining abnormalities in your wall. In order to get the best result when painting over your wallpaper, you can contact the professional Painting Contractors in Lumberton NC.