Personalizing and decorating your front door is arguably one of the most understated factors in home décor. There are many possibilities to personalize and paint the entrance to your home. Here are some ways to notch up your exterior designs and represent your style through your front door. Door painting is our favorite way to help your home showcase your personality. 

Prep your door

Painting your door might seem like a daunting task since it requires you to take off all the hinges to make sure that you do not get any paint on anything except the wooden surface. But the easiest way to paint your door is to remove every single piece of hardware and then sand and prime the door to ensure a clean and smooth finish. Also, make sure that you use a reliable water repellent primer and a wide brush to ensure a solid base for the paint.

Choose a color

Most door colors range from the regular brown, white and black hues. Although these are the standard colors for your front door, you can even mix it up to add a pop of color to your house. Try using pastel colors like blue, pink and green to give it a clean looking finish. If you prefer a darker coloring, use colors like purple, mauve and even maroon. Paints with different types of finishing are also available, so don’t be afraid to try shiny, matte or even a satin finishing paint.

Paint your door

Painting the door might sound pretty self-explanatory but since some doors have designs with crevices and corners on them, it is important that you divide the painting process for the different parts of your door. Use a wide brush or a large paint roller for flat surfaces, smaller brushes to finish off the corners and a regular brush to paint the rest of the door. Also, make sure that you do not reinstall the door until the paint is no longer tacky.

For the creative decorator out there, you can even paint designs on your door by using a stencil and painting tape to ensure that your designs come out flawlessly.


Decorating your door is the best part of personalizing it. Find wall stickers with different designs that can easily stick to the paint of your door. You can even choose the design of the stickers as they range from animals, flowers and even quotes.

Door accessories

Another important aspect of personalizing your door is to add different types and designs of door knobs, hinges, and knockers. It is your choice to coordinate accordingly to your preference of door design. For simple white doors, install gold plated door hardware, and for darker doors try using lighter colors and white hardware for pastel colored doors.

And here you have it! A few simple and easy ways to paint and personalize your front door.