Painting the roof of your house can be little different than the regular house painting project as it depends on what material your roof is made of. In Fayetteville, you can find different types of roof made of corrugated iron, concrete, paint a roof like a proand tiles. One thing is common with all types of roofing materials – they must be cleaned before you apply any paint.

Cleaning the Roof before Painting:

The matter how you clean your roof actually depends on your budget and what materials you have. One of best roof cleaning methods is to use pressure washing (a high-pressure water blaster), especially for those that have a rough surface. If you use broom and hose, you need to use any kind of chemical to help remove the mold from within the pores of the surface. This is where pressure washing is really effective since it gets into all those nooks and crannies. If your roof is made of galvanized iron, you can easily clean it with broom along with a mild detergent and water. Pressure washing is not that important in cleaning smooth roof surfaces.

Painting Corrugated Iron Roof:

When it comes to painting a corrugated iron roof, you first need to wash the surface with a degreaser before you start. Once the iron surface is properly cleaned, you need to prime the surface with a good quality primer. Priming is also important for any iron sheets that may have been replaced on an existing roof.

For the roof, you can choose any paint color, but always remember that brighter colors will absorb heat and lighter colors will reflect heat. You also need to apply two coats of paint on your roof that is made of corrugated iron. While airless spraying is the easiest way to paint any roof made of corrugated iron, you can also use rollers that are shaped like corrugated iron and they do well.

Painting a Tiled Roof:

Tiled roof is also very popular in Fayetteville and you can hire the professional painters in Fayetteville to paint your roof. With tiled roof, there is typically an issue with ridge capping and you may need to fix the issue before you start applying paint on the surface. Most ridge caps will need re-pointing and some may need re-bedding. The choice of color is up to you and you can apply any paint color as per your choice. Just like any roof, you will need to apply two coats of suitable paint on the surface.