Fence painting requires a lot of planning and expertise. Metal fences are prone to holding excess water and it attracts lot of grime and rusting. Constant exposure to the sun and rough weather condition can do quite a bit of damage to the iron surface. Applying a fresh coat of paint on the metal fences can give them a new look.

However, painting metal fences is not like a regular interior painting project. Mentioned below are the steps that one needs to follow when it comes to paint metal fences.

Remove Rusts from The Metal Fence:

When you have made your mind to paint your metal fences, you need to make sure that it is ready accept the primer and metal paint. There are many elements in the air that can damage metal surfaces, especially in outdoors. The metal fences in outdoors can become rusty, retain water, and attract oil or grime. The first thing that you need to do is to look for any potential rusts on the metal fences. If you find rust, take a brush or steel wool to scrub the area of rust to remove any lose particles. Remember, this is a hard work and will take time to finish. Once done, take a rag, dampen with spirit, and start to remove the remaining rust. You can replace the rag with a new one whenever it becomes too dirty. Nevertheless, you will never be able to remove all of the rust.

Wash the Fences:

It’s always a good idea to wash the metal fences before applying primer or paint to it. In order to wash the metal fences, take a bucket full of hot water and a mild detergent powder. After that, soak a rag and wash the metal fence. Don’t forget to rinse the detergent powder off with a hose and then allow it to dry overnight.

Apply a Good Quality Paint:

Always prime the metal surfaces prior to apply metal paint. Primer gives the fresh coat of paint something to adhere to. Add a small amount of spirit to the primer, if it is too thick to apply. Dip the paint brush into the primer and start applying the primer to the metal fence.

Once priming is done, you can apply fresh coat of top quality paint on the metal fences. Apply the top coat of paint the same way as you did with the primer. Ask the professional house painters in Lumberton if you are not sure about which metal paint to choose for your fences.