From feathers to frames, people often try different ways to decorate their front doors for the Christmas. However, you can make your house the star of the street this Christmas season just by applying beautiful paint on it. With a fresh paint on your front door and some potted plants and a couple of DIY benches, you can boost your home’s curb appeal to a whole new level.

Front doors always require certain amount of maintenance, such as daily cleaning, weatherproofing, and seasonal spruce-up. A fresh coat of paint is always a welcome opportunity to select a new color and refresh your home’s first impression for this Christmas.

Choose Something New:

When it comes to choose paint color for the front door, choose something new. A new color on your home’s front door can be overwhelming whether you are choosing a fresh coat of neutral paint color or taking the plunge with a high-contrast hue. Remember, the colors you choose for the doors will appear quite different outdoors that they do inside your home. When choosing colors for the front doors, you need to consider other colors in your home and its surroundings. For example, if natural greens in the plant surround your entryway, you should choose colors that compliment the green colors in the most flattering way.

Remove All Hardware and Prep Door:

Don’t forget to remove all hardware from the door prior to apply paint. It is easier to get a professional looking finish if you take time to remove all hardware like locks and knobs and take time to prep the surface. You can clean the door and use sand paper to roughen the flat surfaces of existing paint. If you don’t want to remove all hardware due to rush, you can take them off and paint around them.

Apply Primer:

Based on the final color you choose for the front door, you may want to get the primer tinted. If you apply primer, you will probably need fewer coats of paint. Don’t forget to run the sandpaper lightly when the primer has dried. This will help you to level out any irregularities in the primed finish.

Choose Oil Based Paints:

If you ask the local painting contractors in Pinehurst, NC about the best paint to decorate the front door for Christmas, they will recommend you to go with an oil base paint. Oil base paint offers better durability and overall finish.