If you have wooden stairs in your house, you may want it to give a nice, clean, modern look by applying a fresh coat of paint. Painting wooden stairs is important especially when you have just removed an old carpet or you just want to how to paint wood stairsrefresh the old-paint look your stairs.

In most houses in Hoke County, the staircase is the first architectural element of the house’s interior that visitors see. Therefore, homeowners often want their staircases to be appealing. Also, staircase is the place that receives high amount of traffic and as a result they tend to be dirty and dull quickly. Only a fresh coat of paint on the staircases can brighten up the area.

Preparing the Wooden stairs for Painting:

Like all other painting projects, surface preparation is an important part of painting your wooden stairs. Surface preparation is more necessary when you have just removed the carpet from the stairs. You need to make sure that there are no nails or staples left on the stairs. Also, sand the stair surfaces with coarse grit sandpaper. Sanding ensures that any old paint is removed properly and it also makes the surface smooth and level. Once sanding is done, clean the surface properly. You can use a domestic detergent powder for cleaning diluted with water, and after that don’t forget to rinse the stairs with clean water. Make sure that the stairs will be used as little as possible during this time.

Priming the Wooden Stairs:

Once the stairs are properly prepared for painting, you need to paint the stairs with a good quality primer. Priming is necessary since it gives the stair surface something to adhere to. Primer also prevents the paint from just soaking into the wood. Allow the primer to dry properly and once it is dry, give it good sand with fine sandpaper to smooth the surface. After that, wipe off the dust and then start applying the first coat of paint.

Painting the Stairs:

You should apply the first coat of paint to the stairs by keeping its smooth. Make sure that there are no drips down the risers. If you want you can hire professional painters in Hoke County. Under any circumstances you should not slap on a really thick coat. If you apply multiple thin coats than one thick coat, the paint will last much longer. Check the paint cans for manufacturer’s recommended drying time and allow the paint enough time to dry. The longer you leave the paint to dry, the stronger the paint will be.