How many times have you wished to improve the look and feel of your room but thought you couldn’t due to the monetary restrictions or you just hate the thought of painting? You are probably crazy to get rid of the spatial confinement within the four walls of the structure that you cannot renovate since you are prohibited from drastically altering the space.

The truth is that it doesn’t take much to invest to give your living room a royal look. All you need is the right tools and knowledge. You also need to know some unique painting techniques that involve much more than just a mere can of paint and few easily affordable paint supplies.

Literally, like many folks, you know that applying a fresh coat of paint can brighten up your room in no time and remove the marks of wear and tear from a wall’s surface. However, if you have problematic surfaces, you must apply couple of techniques to achieve the high-end looks of your room.

Painter’s Tape for a Smooth Surface:

If you have textured walls that are supposed to be smooth but were distorted by the improper workmanship you can use painter’s tape and paintable caulking to create a smooth enough surface on your wall. Simply apply a painter’s tape to the wall where you wish to paint your lines and a miniscule bead of caulking over the edge of the tape and smooth it out with a wet finger. You can paint over the tape as well as the caulk so that you can remove the tape before the caulk and the accompanying coat of paint dries.

Optical Illusion with Taller Baseboards:

You can create an optical illusion in your room by creating larger baseboards without replacing a single piece of trim. It is true that short baseboards are better than no baseboards but larger baseboards are the best. All you need is a flat piece of wood that you will use as a spacer, a piece of trim to match the existing bottom trim, nail gun and a caulk gun. You can give your baseboards a dazzling look by applying bright white, semi-gloss paint. By painting the newly exaggerated baseboards, including the wall gap, you can create an awesome optical illusion of super tall baseboards.

So, when you run up against a challenging interior paint job, don’t be put off. Contact the professional painting Contractors in Fayetteville NC to get more information.