Garage doors can be a pain to paint. They are often a neglected part of your house with years worth of dust and dirt and wear and tear. If you think it is about time you give your garage door a fresh new coat of paint, here are some tips to consider while painting your garage doors.

Plan ahead and know how much paint you will need

The amount of paint you will need depends on a few factors. One is the material your door is made of. Today, most are made of aluminum and require less paint than a wooden door. Another factor is whether you are repainting with the same color or not. If you plan to do so, you will need less paint in comparison to the amount of paint you will need if you change the color.

Prepare the surface and clean the door thoroughly

The dust and dirt that accumulates on your door over a long period of time must be scraped off before you begin applying a new coat of paint. Similarly, sand off any paint residue and prepare the surface. Doing this will make your job easier and chances are the new coat of paint will be more durable.

Extra tip: always wear safety glasses while scraping and sanding paint!

Check the weather forecast and choose your paint day

The weather can affect the entire painting process by making it difficult or easy. As a general rule of thumb, avoid painting when it is either too hot or too cold. Also, don’t paint when your garage gets direct sunlight, to make sure your coat of paint is of an even consistency. Above all, make sure it isn’t going to rain soon after you’re finished to give your paint job enough time to dry.

Observe your surrounding and take necessary precautions

Lay out a sheet of plastic or layers of newspapers on your driveway to avoid a driveway filled with paint drips. Also, you do not want to add paint where you don’t want it, it can be difficult and time-consuming to remove or repaint it. So, use tape on the edges of the garage door for a smooth finishing and you can easily remove it after you finish painting.

Use a primer before you begin painting

Prime the entire area of the garage door, that you intend on painting, if you want a durable paint job or if you are changing its color drastically. A layer of primer is great as it will shield the new layer and will stop the old hues from showing.

Extra tip: It is advised to use a roller with the primer for a consistent layer, then you can use a paint brush for detailed areas.

Choose the right type of paint for your garage door

 Make sure the paint you choose is meant for outdoor use a variety with good testimonials. You can even use a latex based paint and apply it in thin layers, and let each coat dry before you start the next coat. Just make sure you give it some thought.

If you have been contemplating painting your garage door, now you know where to begin. With these things in mind, you should be well equipped to go out and start painting your garage door.

Hire A Professional To Paint Your Garage Door

That’s right! By hiring a professional painting company that guarantees their work, you can relax while the job is being done. By choosing a company that guarantees their work, you know you are getting quality.