Siding painting is not a difficult task and can be a wise decision since paint easily adheres to it. It is very durable and can last for years without a single crack. When it comes to painting asbestos siding in Pinehurst, NC, you need to take some precautions aside from maintaining the general rules of painting. The most important concern is that you should never power wash your asbestos siding when preparing its surface for painting. Power washing can damage the asbestos siding and release harmful asbestos fibers into the air.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot power wash the siding. If you do power-wash, use as gentle touch as possible and quit the process when you find that you’re knocking the pieces of siding off. However, you will need to take some extra time and be careful when prepping the siding before painting. Prepping and painting asbestos siding is a job that is best left on the professional painting contractors in Pinehurst NC.

Painting Asbestos Siding:

Once you complete prepping and cleaning the asbestos surface, there is literally no different when it comes to paint asbestos siding surface than any similar fiber cement surface. Based on your requirement, you can choose sprayer or roller to apply on the surface. Nevertheless, rolling can sometimes be difficult since the grooves in the asbestos may create problem. If you face difficulties to decide whether to paint or replace your asbestos siding, keep in mind that it’s always more profitable to keep and paint your old asbestos siding than replacing it.

Advantages of Painting Asbestos Siding Than Replacing It:

Removal the old asbestos and replace it with new one is very expensive. In addition, there is a high labor cost of mounting new siding once the old siding is removed and disposed of. Regardless the type of asbestos siding you have in your home, painting is always the more affordable option than replacing it with a new one. Replacing your old asbestos on your home is often considered one of the most expensive house renovation jobs that you can handle. Painting your old asbestos siding is also considered less-risky and least-dangerous than replacing them with a new one.

Picking the Right Paint for Asbestos Siding:

There is literally no rule for choosing the right paint for your asbestos siding. Painting asbestos doesn’t require anything extraordinary. Pick a good quality exterior paint from a reputable manufacturer and hire the professional house painting contractors in Pinehurst, NC and you’ll be fine with your asbestos siding painting job.