Most people tend to choose their wall colors on the basis of which room it is, and how much natural light it receives. What they forget to take into account is the furniture in that particular room. Cream-colored rooms are beautiful and the same shade of cream-colored furniture can be gorgeous, but if you keep the two of these together in one room, your room will look much too creamy! One of the main points to consider while painting your walls is to make sure you consider the color and type of furniture you’re going to keep in the room. Wooden furniture, in particular, comes in different shades so, here is a list of 3 wall colors that match your wood details:

Light orchid and dark-toned wood

Lighter shades go well with dark colored furniture. Dark colored wooden furniture can be described as an espresso shade of wood and light orchid works great with the darker wood. The tint of light orchid paired along with the dark wood will make your space appear larger than it is. If your room with dark wood details lacks natural sunlight, then go for an even lighter shade of orchid. But, if the room has lots of windows and ample sunlight then opt for an unaltered light orchid to make your walls pop out and blend well with the wooden detail.

Navy blue and light-toned wood

Light wood details look best with darker walls. Navy blue is just the color you want if you have light brown furniture or frames. Many people hesitate to paint their walls a darker shade because of the fear that it will make the room appear darker and smaller, but if you have the right light wood details, dark colors can make your rooms look rich, warm and perfect. If your room lacks natural sunlight, then painting it a rich navy blue will make it look darker. But matched with light-toned wooden furniture your room will look exquisite. Since your furniture is light colored, the paint on your walls and your room will balance itself out. To further enhance the navy blue and light-toned wood, try decorating your room with yellow lights and voila, you’ll have the perfect room.

Beige and medium-toned wood

If you have medium-toned wood details, or if your furniture isn’t all the same shade, it might be stressful to find the perfect wall color. But, you can always experiment with different wall paints, or you can play it safe by painting your walls with a soft beige color. Beige is a great color if you’re in doubt, and regardless of the natural sunlight in your room, the color will not only make your room appear larger, but it will also accentuate your wood details no matter which shade of brown it is!

Don’t worry if your wood details are different shades of brown. Now that you know which wall color goes best with which shade, it shouldn’t be a problem to choose the perfect color for your room. Just be mindful of these small tips and you’ll be highlighting the right parts of your home in no time. Your wooden furniture is probably beautiful, so just enhance it with wall colors that bring out the best from your furniture!

Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures or even an accent wall to brighten up the room.