Accent walls are a great way to bring character and add style to your room. Though accent walls are great with larger spaces, they work equally well with well-planned smaller spaces because a different shade of color on one wall is a beautiful way to express your style. Accent walls are a very powerful design choice for your house so break the traditional way of painting all walls in a room the same color and experiment with one beautifully different wall. Your accent wall could be a contrasting color, or a patterned wall, or simply a wall with a different shade of the color used on other walls. Regardless of what you choose, it will change the dynamics of your room. So, here is a list of 5 colors that work great as accent walls:


Brown is the ultimate accent wall color for living rooms. Usually, living rooms have many windows and plenty of natural lighting, so a brown wall in your living room will be perfect. To balance and enhance the brown accent wall, keep small brown furniture pieces across the room. Things like a small brown coffee table or brown photo frames hung on other walls, will bring out the best of the brown walls.

Royal blue

For dining rooms and kitchens, royal blue is one of the best accent wall colors out there. Set a theme for your dining room and kitchen using royal blue and white, and it is bound to look super attractive. Keep some blue pieces in the room like blue candles and maybe even a blue dinner set to match your accent wall, and as a result, enhance the room. You could also decorate your royal blue accent wall with some paintings or some pictures that match the rest of the room to beautify the entire dining room and kitchen area.

Orange ice

In your bedroom, the wall behind the bed frame can be a great accent wall. Since the bedroom is supposed to be warm and nice, a color like orange ice will make your room feel more warm and welcoming. To ensure you don’t have a circus of colors in your bedroom you can be safe and stick with the classic white walls to go along with the orange ice, and make your bedroom look inviting and chic!

Sea teal

You can add a strong element on one wall by painting the accent wall sea teal. This color might look too overpowering if you decide to paint it on all four walls, but on one wall, it looks just right. Again, make sure you balance the color with other neutral walls like beige for the right amount of pop of color. This color could look great in any room, so give it a try!

Olive green

An olive green accent wall makes the room look brighter, perfectly complimenting any sized space. One olive green freestanding wall can change the entire look of your room, without standing out. This color can enhance any room, so keep the experimental side of you on. Play with an olive green accent wall and a closer shade of green on other walls and give a room in your house the much-needed pop of color in one of the safest ways!

A well thought out accent wall can give the much-needed change in your home in the easiest way. So, feel free to experiment and paint your accent wall a color that best reflects you and let your personality shine through the walls.