What Are My Faux Paint Finish Options?

Faux paint finish is a type of decorative art finish for your walls that replicates the appearance of stone, wood or marbles. This can be a great option if you’re looking to experiment on your walls. Though faux paint finish originated from replicating materials such as marble and wood with paint, over the years it has extended to many other decorative finish options for walls and furniture by playing with textures and surfaces. So, faux paint finish options are a great way to get a little creative in your space. There are multiple types of faux paint finish such as marbleizing, fresco, rag painting, color wash, striae, graining, etc. But, before you get overwhelmed here are a few faux paint finish options for your space:

  • Venetian

While it may look like it has some texture, a Venetian plaster finish is smooth and shiny. It is a popular traditional finish choice and it is usually made from marble dust and ground up limestone. The best part about a Venetian faux paint finish is that it will give your room a multi-dimensional look with a slightly raised surface, creating a layered effect.

  • Artisan

There are three different types of artisan finishes that you can choose from: crackle, leaf and tissue paper. These three different types of artisan faux paints contribute towards an entirely different type of look. A crackle finish provides an aged metal look, a leaf finish creates a natural soothing look and works best with cool colors, and a tissue paper finish has irregular creases and folds, adding texture to the walls.

  • Metallic

There are three different types of metallic finish as well and they are: smooth, brushed and textured. A smooth metallic finish provides glossy radiance in your room, a brushed metallic finish is dynamic and it creates a plush and rich effect, and a textured metallic finish has a glazed effect on your space.

  • Quartz

A quartz stone finish has a glazed effect and is similar to a textured metallic impression. Like the metallic impressions, there are three different types of quartz stone finish: smooth, brushed and striae. A smooth quartz stone finish creates a velvety surface, brushed quartz stone provides a stone look with the use of the brushing technique and a striae quartz stone finish creates shimmering highlights with a metallic undercoat.

  • Fresco

A fresco faux paint finish gives an old world impression, using earthy colors with unique designs. Fresco finish comes in three different styles: textured, smooth and high polish. A textured fresco finish creates an old world charm with soft and earthy textures, a smooth fresco finish has a soft, warm and rustic appeal, and a high polish fresco finish creates a glassy gleaming  and marble-like effect.

Remember a faux paint finish is a great way to give your room a makeover. Just make sure you understand the faux paint finish options and choose wisely!  

Fun Fact: The word “Faux” is derived from the French which means “false.”

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