Your ceilings may not get as much wear and tear as your walls, which is why most people don’t do ceiling painting. They are also typically painted a neutral color. However, you can transform a room by getting a little more adventurous with your ceilings. 


Contrast is often desired with ceiling painting. Ceilings are often left as a mundane white or off-white shade. This works well to highlight the rest of your room’s interior. But, your interior can get monotonous and you will eventually want some change in your space. By painting your ceiling with a color that contrasts your existing furniture, you can create a balance a give your room the much-needed freshness. Even if you don’t choose a shade that contrasts your décor, anything contrasting and aesthetically pleasing will work wonders.

Shapes and Scribbles

If ceiling painting feels like too much of a hassle, you might want to try painting a mural. Your mural can be as soft or loud as you want. You can also start small and build on it once you feel more confident about the look. The murals can be arrows, famous paintings, a portrait, or even simple scribbles. If you’re in the mood to take matters into your own hands then you can make painting your ceilings a friends or family doodle project. If you feel that freehand painting is hard, you could also turn to using stencils or get some professional help. Not only is this fun, it also adds a lot of character to your space, making it totally worth it.

Texture and Gloss

Having a shiny ceiling instead of a matte one can make all the difference in the world. The paint finish can make any paint job stand out. Texture and gloss can optimize the illusion of a bigger space and give your room an air of sophistication. On the other hand, playing with gritty texture can make the wall come down and give a comfortable, cozy yet polished look. If you opt for a textured panel, you could make this a family project, as it’s extremely difficult to mess up a textured panel. But, if you feel too much of texture on your ceiling can be off-putting you can build an accent wall and apply textured paint on that to limit it.

Text murals

Waking up to a quote that motivates you is considered a good way to start your day. Why not have that quote painted or stenciled on your ceiling? Whether it’s a word or a whole chapter of a book you love—you ceiling is a good space for some motivational text. The text could work as a reminder to reach your goal, or stay happy, or just motivation. Regardless of the purpose of your text, text on your ceiling will give an interesting and fresh look to your room.
All of these ideas are simple, fun and affordable. So don’t go around looking to refurnish your whole space, adding some zing to your ceiling will do the trick of revamping your room.