The style and colors of walls say as much about you as your clothes do. It can also go a long way to influence the overall mood of a room. Two interesting ways to achieve a bold statement about your walls are a custom made murals and accent walls. Creative and standout styles of painting walls, both murals and accent walls are projects to undertake. But what are their differences and how do you choose one over the other? Let’s have a look at custom wall murals versus accent walls.

Accent Wall or Mural – Which Is Right For Your Space?

Painting just one wall with a splash of vibrant color can jazz up an otherwise dreary space without too much work. Strong colors can be style statement by they demand your attention and will often be distracting. An accent wall can break up monotony in your spaces by contrasting the dominant color with a splash of warm or cool complementary color.

Custom wall murals, on the other hand, require a little extra thought and can be a real stellar addition to your space. Depending on the design of your custom wall mural, it can add aspects of art, action, drama or composure to your room. Custom wall murals go a step further and add a personal touch to your space. Often times, because custom wall murals take up a large space and cannot be missed, it is bound to stand out. It can blur other features of the room such as the new curtains or expensive accessories. So if you are a little iffy about how a custom wall mural will appear at your space, an accent wall might be a better experiment as it can offer a cool contrast without being too overpowering.  

But, the decision of choosing a custom wall mural versus accent walls is largely dependent on your space. For example, children rooms, teenager rooms, office spaces and workout spaces can benefit from a custom wall mural. A scene from a Disney movie or a simple silhouette art can personalize your children’s room. When a custom mural fits the room, such a workout space with a mural of weights, it can motivate you and help you focus. So, custom murals can be a great addition to your space if it is well planned.

While custom mural walls require thought and planning, accent walls require color consideration. A well thought out accent wall can liven up an otherwise dull space without too much time commitment.

While custom murals is a lot of hard work that you would want to retain at least for a good amount of years, accent walls don’t need as much work.

Accent walls offer a cool contrast to the rest of the space with just enough variation to make a room more interesting without being overpowering.  They’re interesting and offer a whole lot to your space’s décor in a subtle way. Additionally, accent walls are great because they can easily complement a lot of different décor styles. An accent wall in warm hues go well with fireplaces and traditional décor but at the same time, it works equally well with modern furniture.

Need help deciding?

As you can see, both custom murals and accent walls have their pros and cons. Before you decide on anything, do consider which room you’re thinking about painting, what colors you want to paint it with, the amount of lighting, the amount of space and other such factors. See which option better suits your room and choose accordingly. Consult a professional to help you decide as you’ll probably be happy with either one as long as it balances well with the rest of your space.