Welcome to the Southern Painting blog for 2018! This New Year, our resolution is to help you with your resolution to finally get your home of business painted and finished. In 2018 we are excited about further opening our readers’ eyes to the world of high-quality professional interior and exterior painting. You might be thinking that this will be as exciting as watching paint dry, but to us this is as exciting as finally getting your dream home because in many ways, that is what a quality paint job does. We are professional painters by trade and maintain a strong focus on doing the best work possible for all of our clients. All this while staying at the cutting edge of all painting and finishing services for both residential and commercial clients. For this upcoming blog series we’ll be hitting a few subjects that we hope you’ll find interesting and informative to help you start your dream project:

Interior Painting

Nothing changes the feel of a room quite like a quality interior painting job. We know that people around the country, or right here in Fayetteville, often dream of repainting their interiors to finally get that dream look. Every home should be a castle and truly feel comfortable whether entertaining, reading a book, or cooking a meal. In our blog series, we will focus on different painting techniques, safety, clean-up tips, and guides for talking to painting consultants. We will cover both residential and commercial applications, different color schemes, and methods of accenting create noticeable changes in the feel of a home or a business.

Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting blog is set to get exciting. Exterior painting is often pretty dang difficult and involves lots of working around bushes, moving drop cloths, and reaching out to paint trim on two-story ladders in the summer heat. Regardless of the difficulties, we aim to help you get through the trials and tribulations of painting your home or business. In our series on exterior painting, we will guide you through many of the pitfalls of painting, discuss different colors and how they match, look at the equipment needed for a proper job, and really help you get ready to tackle the painting or find someone who will.

Other Types of Finishes

At Southern Painting, we also know quite a bit about finishing services for both residential and commercial work. Here in Fayetteville, North Carolina we offer services in structural-steel painting, corrosion control, graffiti removal, urethane coating, wood finishing, power washing, waterproofing, and much more. In this series of articles, we are happy to help with articles on necessary equipment for different jobs, techniques for necessary tasks and upkeep for non-traditionally painted materials like brick.

As we continue, we will be adding and changing the subjects and topics to suit reader feedback. Whether interested in exterior or interior painting for commercial or residential painting, we at Southern Painting hope that this series helps you fulfill your painting dreams. If you are in the Fayetteville, NC area and are looking for a professional painting company that will provide fantastic results for a fair price, look no further than Southern Painting. Contact us today!